Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sometimes it's not about what's easiest for you.

It has taken me a few years to realize that maybe the way I'm separating and storing my oil pastels isn't the easiest on the kiddos.
I inherited these nifty three sectioned containers when I started teaching at my school and they are perfect for storing since they stack without a lot of the container in each other (so things don't get smooshed or stuck to the container on top).
I had been separating them into warm colors, cool colors, and neutral colors in order to keep the colors from getting too icky.  Each section had it's own yogurt cup that the oil pastels went in, that way over flow would be trapped in the bottom container or the cup could be taken out and passed around the table.
As you can see the kids can't put colors back in the section they came from.
While this seemed to be a good idea to me, the kids aren't too nice to my yogurt cups.  I took them out and now the containers are just going to hold the oil pastels and the container will have to travel around the table.

New and semi improved, still needs labels.
I'm still going to separate the warms, cools, and neutrals and I'm gong to tape little pieces of color paper to the edges to show/label what colors go in that section.  That should solve the issue of getting the colors back with their family.

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