Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Getting Colorful with Chameleons

The first major project is Color Theory and Color Wheels.  The little guys (kinder to 2nd grade) are making traditional color wheels, the big kids (3rd to 5th grade) are doing non-traditional ones.  It's really because I don't want to make six a day for a month...doesn't sound fun to me.
I'm basing 3rd Grade off something that people do with their kinder/1st graders.  I don't really feel bad about  this, I know my students and this is up their alley.  Sometimes I get jealous looking at other Elementary Art teachers' blog and the drawing abilities of their younger grades and wish my students' work looked like.  Then I remember that my kids are where they are supposed to be developmentally, for the most part, and it's okay.
We're making Color Chameleons (this was the jumping off point).  Again, so far so good.  We spent day one drawing them and Tuesday we'll start painting.  I found a step by step how to draw sheet that's helping quite a bit, the kids get so focused on erasing the tiniest oops that they fall behind.  The sheet helps them to catch up.  Some get ahead and some are just tracing the final one.  Oh well, they'll just find that the tiny ones are hard to paint.  The lines are to help remind them that we have six colors to squish on our chameleons, to give them all room and to maybe help with some tertiary color mixing (which is something I don't have to teach them).

I've got some pretty talented kids.
Yes, it's a floating chameleon, that threw the kids for a loop, too.
It's because the branch is a separate paper and step.
I told them they could draw one, if they wanted, it just wasn't coming with their chameleon.
We painted in our Color Chameleons this rotation.  The kids really enjoy painting, sometimes too much.
I'm giving them two choices on how to paint them in.  We can use either Rainbow Order (ROY G. BV) or we can use Color Wheel Order (mine starts with Yellow, 'cause that's what's on top).  All the classes wanted to use Rainbow.  Not a problem, rainbow order rules my room, so it's all good.

Poor little chameleon, no violet :0(

I love this one's head, it gives it a GREAT expression!
Next time is a neutral branch and then assembly in two weeks.

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