Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One Mouse, Two Mouse, Red Mouse, Blue Mouse.

First grade is working with the story Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh for their color wheels.  (Another Pinterest project.  I love Pinterest, don't you?  I need to stay off it).
It's always fun to read the little guys a story, it's a nice break.

We're using the primary colors (Red, Yellow, Blue) for day one, only to ensure that we finish.  We've pushed it to the limit of the time we have together, so it's a good thing it's only three colors.
So far, so good.  Except we're using A LOT of primary color paint.  I know we're safe, I bought plenty, but it's still scary to be throwing an empty bottle away, it seems, every other day.  But when every grade is painting, that's the way it is...right?
I have these laid out on two of my tables to dry, there are primary colors EVERYWHERE.
Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a circus tent.
Next up is color mixing to make the secondary colors!

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