Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2nd Grade is Singin' in the Rain(bow)

Second grade is getting probably the most traditional looking color wheel out of all of them.  It's a seven color (primary, secondary and a neutral) wheel, that looks like...well...a wheel.  The kids all say it looks like a beach ball, which is pretty close, but they're going to be umbrellas.  Again, another Pinterest project.

We did all the painting and color mixing stuff first to make our color wheel umbrellas.

I think this is mine, actually.
This rotation is drawing and coloring our figures.  I'm throwing the kids for a loop with this since they're not full figures, it's just the bottom half of the raincoat, legs and boots.

I love the patterns and individuality the kids put into their art.
I think we'll figure it out when everything is together, hopefully.

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