Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Quick Art Trip Around the World!

Every year my school hold a Multicultural Fair.  IT'S MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR! I wind up doing 30 (or so) different projects based on 30 (or so) different countries.  It really is a trip around the world in Art. Here's how it's worked:
Each grade is given a continent and the class can then pick the country.  I find this nice because SOMETIMES I can't find anything that I can elementarify for a country so we do a generalized project from the continent.  Not the best, but it works and the kids are happy.  I also LOVE that they see that Art ties into their classroom (even though I tell them ALL the time that it does...why don't they listen?).
Each year it's been run slightly differently, but in essence it's been the same each and every time.
This year is not the same and I'm not happy.  Again, IT'S MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR! This year it's been made optional for classrooms and even though I offered WAY in advance and again a month out..not even 10 teachers accepted my help :0(  Thankfully some of my trustworthy, always up for teamwork teachers did.
I worked with Egypt, England, Ireland, France, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, India, Australia, for certain classrooms (more on those in another post or two).
The rest of school finished our End of Year Project (referred to as EoYP on my weekly schedule, another post as well).  If they finished it, they were able to take quick trip around the world.  I pulled out all my extra copies from last year's Multicultural Fair and slowly add this years.
Kids were able to "visit" Scotland, China, Japan (no example picture, I missed it somehow), Thailand, India (twice), Ukraine (twice), Ecuador, Egypt, Northwest America.  They had a BLAST.
From the top left green paper: Ecuador Bread Baby, Italy Mona Lisa (it's laminated, sorry about the glare), Norway Viking Ship, Egypt Portrait Mask, Scotland Tartan Weaving, China Lantern, Scotland Bag Piper Paper Doll, North America Totem Pole, India Mehendi, Ukraine Psyanki Egg, Thailand Diwali Footprints.

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