Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Think I,m Crazy...A Story of an Art Auction

"Wouldn't it be fun to create a class artwork and then auction it off?!?"

I had that discussion with my librarian at the beginning of the school year and had been toying with the idea for a while.  With a push from someone else the idea became reality and during Winter break 40 pictures were sketched onto 40 canvases by three people (okay it wasn't 40, but it was pretty close), please remember this for later.

After break, I divided the canvases up into a grid that would be workable for each class, the idea being that each student would get a piece to fill in.  I then lovingly gridded out each of the 40 images THRICE and cut apart one.  I started with three classes a double second (what was I thinking), a third and a fifth.  After ONE attempt by each, I was DONE!  

NO MORE, this isn't working, it's hideous, we need to stop!
So with that a halt was called and I rethought what we were doing...a long time...I almost forgot about them.

But the deadline was fast approaching...these things needed to get done.
Okay, I'm going to give the kids each a piece of paper and the choice of materials.  All they have to do is enlarge the'll be fine!  Right?!  Um....

After four classes with that approach, I just started drawing the pieces and having the kids color it in, they didn't quite grasp the concept of enlarging. 

So remember the start of this story and all that hard work I and two others put into drawing each picture on the canvas...yeah, that was for naught.  Then I spent even more time drawing things out.  Way to much time went into this, but I do think they all turned out lovely, even the ones the kids did.

So remember as you look at these, there a difference of appearance because some the kids drew and colored, some I drew and the kids colored in.

Kinder worked with Kandinsky:

Kinder drawn circles :0)
First Grade worked with Jim Dine:

First grade drawn hearts :0)

First grade drawn hearts :0)
Second Grade worked with Franz Marc:
I drew all but one of these.

My print out of "Yellow Cow" was really orange, apparently

This class drew their own pieces!  I'm SUPER PROUD of them!!
Third Grade worked with Andy Warhol:

Most of the pieces are the students' work, I fixed a few.

I dew this for them, their first attempt wasn't working out.
All drawn by the kids!  Pretty good for a class that was sort of struggling with enlarging their piece.

Fourth Grade worked with George Rodrigue:
All but one fourth grade class drew their own pieces.  I'm very proud of them!

This is the one I drew.

The fourth graders weren't super thrilled with the way their classes turned out because they still couldn't wrap their heads around the concept...I kept telling them that it was fine and perfect the way they were, I don't think they were buying it.

These were displayed in our library and then raffled off during out Fine Arts night.

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