Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gee, it's Been a While!

I keep meaning to post, but life has a way of getting crazy each and every time I try.
Projects are also taking longer than planned due to our 6 day rotation schedule pushing me off my traditionally planned monthly lessons. 
Not this one, this one was done A WHILE ago. 
Others that I wanted to share.
So here are the totally cute Kindergarten Calaveras from October that I found STILL on my phone.
This is another Pinterest project (she did 2nd grade, but since I gave the kindergarteners a printed skull, I figured they could do it) and I'm SO glad I found it!
My school's population is majority rule, Hispanic, so it's always nice to find things that the kids know a little bit about before hand (not always true) and can relate more to than my White, European heritage and education.
I gave the kiddoes a skull template to cut only because I wanted them to be highly successful at keeping this LARGE!  If they cut too much out, they'd still end up with a big enough head for our purpose. 
We did "I do, you do" style teaching and just getting the skull, collar bone and ribs cut and glued took one 50 minute class.  FINE BY ME!  That means more time for the fun details!
Next class I showed them how to create eyes, nose and a mouth, really any shape they wanted to use was fine.  Most looked like mine (circle eyes, triangle nose and a half circle mouth) , but there were a few that had the cutest half circle eyes that made it look like their Calaveras was SUPER happy.
I showed them how to create a simple top hat (for the boys) and where the flowers could be placed (in the "hair" for the girls or as a boutonniere).
I think I've found a keeper project, I really liked it and the Kinders seemed really excited about it.
I LOVE this guy's mustache!
A Lovely Lady!
Very Dapper!
Pretty Lady!

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