Saturday, September 7, 2013

We're in Art, be an ARTIST!

The first rotation of school was going over rules.  I use the acronym ARTIST to help the kids remember them.  I found and modified something (here) from Pinterest (GREAT site, but you probably know that already because you are SUPER). This is the second year I've used it and tweaked it this year. 
A-Act Responsibly and
T-be on Task (It used to be "Try your best", but after an observation from my admin where it was noted that not all students were on task, I changed it.  I don't know if it will help.  What is "on task" behavior?  If a student is working [I think we were cutting and gluing, making a fruit bowl collage that day] yet talking about something [a movie, their day, not the project] what are they?  On or off task?  I really don't think my third graders [the grade level that was observed at the time] have or need the depth of knowledge or knowledge retention to carry on a full conversation about the artist [Paul Cezanne in this case].  I do give them the information if they WANT to hold an intelligent conversation, but I'm sure they don't retain it  [more than sure, since they can barely fill in a fill-in-the-blank worksheet, with word bank, correctly]. I might be wrong on the need to hold lengthy, intelligent art conversations in third grade, but my main goal is that they can connect an artist's name to their work and style.  Remembering an interesting tidbit would be great!  Okay, this tangent is WAY too long)
I-Imagination and creativity
S-Stop, look and listen
T-Team player

I might have to tweak them again, not sure I like the wording on all the letters...I certainly need to change how they are displayed.

They used to be vertically down my wall next to a bulletin board.  I put them horizontally over my main white and Smart board.
I like the first arrangement better than the one I did this year, so I think I'll go in and change it.  Which means finding a new home for the sticker chart...ahhhh, more change!
Where the Rules are currently living
 Okay went in and changed them back to where they used to live, makes me happier.
On the far left is the sticker chart that had to move.
The purple paper in the middle says "Remember to ALWAYS be and ARTIST!"
 I put these up instead.
What filled the empty space.

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