Monday, September 23, 2013

Separating Life and Teaching

As a teacher and a parent, it happens to all of us, we end up teaching the age of our kiddoes.  No matter the grade levels you teach.
I happen to be the mother of two school age children, the same age I teach. 
I have three wonderful, energetic boys all together.  (No kind stranger [or heaven help you FAMILY!] I don't want to try for a girl.  I'm happy with my boys  And I'm scared I'll end up with another!)

A three year old:
My little present
A kindergartner:
Yes, this is the face he wanted to show the world.  See what I have to work with!

And a Second Grader:
He was trying to talk to me while I was taking his picture.
Doesn't really work, but it makes for some fun faces.
I am also the daughter of a High School English teacher.  I try not to do what my dad did to me (mostly unknowingly, I hope).  I did end up in my dad's class my senior year and it was pretty embarrassing.  He nagged (looking back it wasn't bad, but at the time it was horrible) me at home about homework for his class and knew things before I did, about things I didn't think were all that bad or a big deal, but apparently were.  Thankfully my boys are elementary age and it's kind of cool to have Mom at work, so it's all good (right!?)!

 Let me tell you, teaching Kindergarten to Fifth Grade in a day, five days a week then going home to pretty much the same makes you one very tired mama...and teacher.

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